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Events » Holistic Medicine & Energy Therapy 101 Training

Holistic Medicine & Energy Therapy 101 Training

Learn how holistic medicine and rife energy therapy self-care can assist with your health and wellness with Don Baker, Wellness Practitioner at ReVibrancy. In this 2 day course Don will guide you in self-care strategies to assist you in achieving wellness naturally using holistic medicine and assistive sound energy therapies (such as Reiki, PEMF, RIFE, EAV and others) based on his background in Tibetan, Chinese, First Nations, Western and Energy Frequency Medicine. This course includes the use of the BCX Ultra Deluxe Rife Machine. This live course is offered via Zoom.

Certificate: Holistic Medicine and Energy Therapy 101

What you will learn: 

-The foundation of all things including sound, frequency and vibration.

-The foundation of medicine (Tibetan, Chinese, First Nations, Nikola Tesla and Western Medicines) and why the ReVibrancy Protocol that Don has come up with works.

-The key science and relationships between viruses, bacteria, mold/fungus, cells, food, proteins, fats and human systems.

-The importance of toxicities, deficiencies, epi-genetics, scalar and psycho-spiritual aspects to wellness.

-The origin and potential of chakra, sound, scalar, quantum and music frequencies and energies.

-What makes up a protocol and why and when to use it – with some examples.

-The characteristics, use and effectiveness of different frequencies, waves and energy machines including the Healy, rife machine, PEMF Devices, magnets, coils, foot baths and others…

-The correct use of the BCX Ultra Deluxe rife machine and when and how to program sweep, chain and sequence programs.

Once you graduate from the course on an ongoing basis you will be invited to the quarterly ReVibrancy Inner Circle calls for a fee (currently $35 per person) where Don shares new discoveries and answer questions.

What Don’s students are saying:

In taking the Holistic Medicine and Energy Therapies Self-care Course with Don I learned to first understand the sources, origins and ramifications of diseases and then what a rife machine can do for us when integrated with holistic approaches to overcome those diseases. His broad knowledge and insightful anecdotes deepened my understanding by “connecting the dots”. Don has a unique essence and spirit that emanates from his diverse experiences, talents and in depth-studies with extraordinary Masters. Anyone taking this course will find his guidance most valuable in increasing their understanding and application of holistic and energy therapy protocols.

Wholefood Supplements Manufacturer

Ontario, Canada


“The training offered by Don at ReVibrancy made me realize that the earth gives us what we need to achieve an optimized state of health. Don bases his teachings on his eastern and western medicine background and what he taught confirmed my personal understanding of the “science” behind the methods. As a professor and presenter myself, his use of real life experiences and examples helped me to better understand the course topics. If you want to learn about the impact of the power of the earth and basic science in improving wellness for yourself and others you should attend this course.”

Professional Engineer and Professor

Ontario, Canada