How Community Bonds Deliver Impact


Sep 26, 2019


Harbour Eats

1 York Street


Learn how the conventional bond has been re-purposed to facilitate impact investing through different forms of capital raising

About this Event

In this installment of ImpacTalks, we invite you to explore bonds that have been developed, implemented, and issued to make funding accessible and impactful. Impact bonds facilitate a whole new way of funding and investing for non-profits, charities, as well as socially and environmentally conscious investors.

Conceptually, bonds are simple. You (the investor) make a loan (i.e. $1,000) to a borrower (i.e. the Government of Canada “GoC”) for a fixed amount of time. In return, you receive a series of interest payments called coupons, often 2% per annum, to compensate for the time before payback. At the end of the term, the loan is repaid.

This is a typical 10-year GoC bond.

Now imagine that same concept, but with social and/or environmental impact as the key purpose of the loan.

Rhiza Capital endeavors to bring impact investing to the masses, and to increase economic and social inclusion with conscious capital. During this ImpacTalks, each speaker will discuss how bond products have made a difference financially and philanthropically. Their professional experiences, trials and tribulations, implementation strategy, and education will bring new prospective on how a simple financial instrument has been re-purposed to create more than financial value.

Our Speakers

Ryan Collins-Swartz, Social Impact Manager, Tapestry Community Capital

Kyle Shantz, Director of Growth, Centre for Social Innovation

Jason Sukhram, Manager, Capital Advisory Services, MaRS Centre for Impact Investing

Jennifer Macdonald, Manager, Impact Investing, CoPower

Location & Schedule

Harbour Eats, 1 York Street, Toronto, ON

6:00: Check in and refreshments

7:00: Speaking session begins

8:30: Wrap Up

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