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Events » How To Collaborate: Working together for a Healthy Planet [CSI Members]

How To Collaborate: Working together for a Healthy Planet [CSI Members]

CSI has always been about collaboration. How many times have we heard “we need to get out of our silos?” Yet, uptake on collaboration can be spotty and a lot of collaboration tends to be with those in our own inner circles, not the boundary spanning efforts needed for systems change. Plus, of course, collaborating well is an art.

The pandemic has re-affirmed that extensive collaboration is not only possible, but essential for solving complex problems. The time is now to work together as never before.

In this CSI session member Charlotte Young will show you a model to help think through your collaborations – from idea to implementation. You’ll walk away with a framework to get started, including some thoughts you may not have previously considered.

How To Collaborate
Wednesday, April 7th, 12:30-1:15pm
Members register via the Common Platform or CSI listserve.
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Charlotte Young, CSI member and bond holder, works to amplify the effectiveness of groups, organizations and companies working towards a healthy planet. As this complex work needs “all hands on deck,” she helps groups collaborate across different organizational silos, economic sectors, jurisdictional boundaries and with people who know things you don’t. Her aim is to catalyze holistic, ingenious and durable solutions you could never imagined on your own and that put people and planet first. She holds a PhD in environmental psychology.

What is How to CSI? 
If 2021 is to be the year of recovery, we all need to be prepared. Part of our CSI Recovers initiative, our weekly How To workshop series is focused on helping CSI members sharpen their skills to rebuild and launch the Next Economy: one that is regenerative, equitable, and prosperous for all.