How to Make Accessible PDFs


Jun 14, 2019


The task of creating an accessible document goes farther than just correctly formatting the text in your original file. When importing documents, whatever the source application, some elements “get lost in translation” and additional remediation has to be done in Adobe Acrobat.

This workshop is Part 2 of our “Accessible Word” and “Accessible InDesign” training sessions and will teach you how to create an accessible PDF, including diverse content such as complicated tables, lists and acronyms. Questions it addresses include:

  • How do I make a PDF accessible when I don’t have the source document?
  • How can I figure out whether it is faster to remediate an old PDF or create a new, accessible source document?
  • How do I make tables with merged cells more accessible?
  • What do I do with complicated drawings and charts?
  • When should I use the auto tag feature in Acrobat?
  • How do I fix incorrect reading order?
  • We use a lot of abbreviations – how do I make them accessible?


Great training – lots of new information! Well structured session.

So much to learn and use immediately. The workshop exceeded my expectations!

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