How to Make Accessible Word Documents


Jun 13, 2019


This hands-on workshop is designed to clearly explain how to create an accessible document using Microsoft Word. It will demonstrate converting documents to PDF format and examine the required structure for assistive technologies.

This workshop is a comprehensive review of how layout and design principles and practices influence the outcome in the construction of a document intended for accessibility.

Through exercises and group discussions, participants will review the background and theory of accessibility and how it affects document creation; the necessary changes to their current workflow and processes; and how to layout content in documents for those with vision, motor and cognitive impairments.

Microsoft Word will be used to build an accessible document, followed by using Adobe Acrobat Professional DC to inspect any conversion issues or errors.


Best training I have ever had in a session!    Ontario College of Teachers

I have taken a few training courses but this was by far the most in-depth and informative.   Toronto Transit Commission (TTC)

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