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Events » How To Work from Home: Ergonomic Hacks for your Workspace [CSI Members]

How To Work from Home: Ergonomic Hacks for your Workspace [CSI Members]

We all know the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many professionals to work from home, and the situation can be uncomfortable. But did you know that almost 70 percent suffer from neck pain, followed by low and upper back pain? This is a sharp increase in occupational discomfort experienced by office workers compared to before the pandemic with 75 percent of those working primarily off a laptop reporting neck pain compared to 20 percent of professionals not working off a laptop. Maybe not suprising then that all-day laptop use is one of the top 5 problems of working from home and a culprit for a number of musculoskeletal ailments.

Do you find yourself working from your dining room table or the couch? If you are like many professionals who are now working from home but are not equipped for it and do not have a dedicated home office, there are things you can do. In this session, we will discuss the top 5 problems experienced working from home and their ergonomic solutions (or hacks). All recommendations are easily implementable, budget-conscious, and applicable to a variety of work scenarios.

If you already have a dedicated home office, there will be take-aways for you as well, since we will also be discussing aspects of postural ergonomics, which focus on the person rather than the equipment.

How To Work from Home: Ergonomic Hacks for your Workspace
Wednesday, March 31st, 12:30-1:15pm
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Dr. Nicole Hess MA, DC is an evidence-based chiropractor and purpose-driven entrepreneur. Postural and ergonomic correction strategies are her preferred methods for relieving extremity and spinal pain, improving posture and performance, and preventing overuse injuries. She works with individuals as well as socially responsible businesses.

As the founder and clinician of URBAN SOLES, Nicole helps urban professionals to relieve and prevent strain and pain from prolonged standing, walking, and commuting by bike or PEV. She also helps small to medium-sized urban Toronto businesses to optimize the productivity and retention of their employees. URBAN SOLES specializes in orthotic therapy, which is clinically-proven to be effective for common musculoskeletal conditions and does not require regular doctor visits or a change in daily habits.

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