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Events » Inclusion | 10 Things Nonprofits Need to Know

Inclusion | 10 Things Nonprofits Need to Know

​10 Things Nonprofits Need to Know About Inclusion

​​Featuring Rose Genele

Inclusion is more than a guiding principle—it’s a strategic imperative for nonprofits aiming to truly resonate and engage with diverse communities. This session focuses on empowering leaders within these organizations to deepen their understanding and implementation of inclusive practices. Discover the top 10 essential insights to ensure your organization embraces and exemplifies inclusion at every level. Equip yourself with the knowledge to navigate the complexities of inclusion, enhancing your organization’s culture and extending its impact.

​​About the Speaker

Rose Genele is a resilient and data-driven entrepreneur and the Founder of The New Face of Inclusion. She is a senior revenue leader with experience driving operational excellence for early-stage companies in tech, supply chain, and professional services. As a proud Black Canadian woman, Rose is deeply committed to making our society more inclusive. She champions inclusive leadership in both her revenue & transformation consultancy, The Opening Door, and through volunteer contributions, reaching both private and non-profit clients around the world.

​About the Series

This online event is part of a complimentary series of talks and Q&A sessions featuring curated trainers from The Good Growth Company roster, each sharing 10 things nonprofit organizations and charities need to know about a given topic — from messaging to measuring impact. The series is designed for leaders and within nonprofits, charities and social impact organizations.

​Session Format:

Presentation: 10 Tips Talk

Q&A: Ask Your Questions

Length: 45-Minutes to 1 Hour

​About the Host

The Good Growth Company is an upskilling company for non-profit organizations and purpose-driven businesses seeking to invest in their people to help scale their mission. Boost your social impact and level up your team with targeted workshops and more. Get started here.