IntegrateNYC Equity in Enrollment Algorithm Hackathon


Apr 6, 2019


Centre For Social Innovation NYC

601 West 26th Street


A neutral algorithm in an unequal world is unjust

When we create an algorithm, we make choices about what metrics and outcomes are important enough to include. Despite the reputation of algorithms as wholly impartial, they are inherently products of existing human ideologies and, often, biases.

In New York City, our choices have spoken volumes about our goals. The school choice algorithm has contributed to the systematic disenfranchising of Black and Latinx youth through use of racist and classist admissions metrics against the backdrop of a neutral matching algorithm.

This is where you come in! We are working to develop the prototype into a fully-functioning addition to New York City’s existing school choice algorithm so that our student-designed, equity-based algorithm for integration in school admissions can serve all 300,000 NYC public high school students. Researchers, coders, policymakers, parents, and students will come together to use real admissions data to make our vision for a transformed enrollment process a reality.