Introduction to Document Accessibility (Webinar)


Feb 12, 2020



Participants in this live webinar will learn about how accessibility effects document creation and what changes in your organization’s current workflow and processes are required.

Commonly asked questions we discuss in this webinar:

  • What is an accessible document?
  • What does an accessible format mean?
  • How do you make accessible documents?
  • Can all documents be made accessible?
  • How do I make a PDF accessible?
  • What if I don’t have the source document?
  • Can infographics be made accessible?
  • At what stage in the document creation process does accessibility come in?

Who should attend this webinar?

Anyone who is responsible for the management and coordination of print or digital documents.

This includes all Executive Directors/CEOs, Communication Managers, Document Creators, Production Coordinators, Communication Coordinators, Website Content Managers, Marketing Managers.

What You Will Walk Away With:

Participants will have a clear understanding of:

  1. What accessible documents are and how important they are reach all potential clients/customers.
  2. The process of how a document becomes more accessible.
  3. Suggestions for improvements in your document creation and production stages.
  4. How to save money by using a smart document creation process.
  5. How to improve employee efficiency.

During this live presentation participants can ask questions of our accessible document expert.


  • High quality instruction by a Document Accessibility Specialist
  • Registered participants will receive a digital Certificate of Completion badge
  • Chance to ask your questions

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