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Events » Introduction to Social & Emotional Learning (Mindfulness Without Borders)

Introduction to Social & Emotional Learning (Mindfulness Without Borders)


As part of CSI’s Wellbeing and Mental Health Month; we’re excited to share an amazing session with CSI Members – Mindfulness Without Borders.


Please register here or on the link shown on this page; limited spots available. 



Finding time for self-care is never easy. Don’t wait until you are stretched too thin. Join Ronit Jinich from Mindfulness Without Borders to learn about the foundations of mindfulness and participate in conversations rooted in social and emotional learning. In this interactive session, you will explore the elements of what it means to pay attention and how it relates to navigating the stresses of everyday life. 

hroughout this 60-minute interactive session, you’ll discover simple wellness tools and strategies to help you navigate these challenging times. 


Mindfulness is a practice that involves focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while acknowledging and accepting feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations without judgement. With this quality of attention, one learns to be more grounded in the present as well as more connected to what is happening in the moment, just as it is. With decades of scientific research demonstrating positive benefits – from fortifying the immune system to reducing stress and anxiety – the integration of these practices can enhance both individual and societal growth. 

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) refers to core competencies that when put into practice, help individuals better understand and manage emotions, set and achieve goals, feel and show empathy, develop and maintain health relationships, as well as make ethical decisions. The mastery of these soft skills help deepen compassion and understanding and in turn, lead to greater social and emotional health. 




Mindfulness Without Borders is a leading provider of evidenced-based programs on mindfulness and social-emotional learning (SEL) to youth, educators, health and corporate professionals in communities around the world. At its core, our programs and courses build community and connection by nurturing safe learning environments and cross-cultural conversations where people of all backgrounds can reach across things that seem to divide them in order to see possibilities for what they might create together as world citizens. 


Ronit Jinich is the Education Manager & Lead facilitator at MWB and teaches educational programs for youth and professionals in both Toronto and Latin america. Born in Mexico, she is fluent in Spanish, English and Hebrew and has a diverse academic background spanning from literature, to performing arts to Gestalt Therapy, and includes a Master’s degree in Environmental Studies with special focus on social transformation from York University. Ronit’s teaching style is informed by her own mindfulness practice and focuses on generating community by weaving together Buddhist thought and practice with emerging forms of social and community engagement.