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Events » Laneway & Ground Floor Community Co-working Pop ups | CSI Spadina

Laneway & Ground Floor Community Co-working Pop ups | CSI Spadina

Hello Community!
Since we’ve started to reopen the community in September in the spaces – we’ve been turning the CSI Spadina Laneway into an outdoor coworking pop up each Wednesday – not only as an opportunity to reimagine our new ground floor space – but to also explore, redesign and brainstorm how we can rebuild our community rituals, spaces with our members! 
As we aren’t able to gather in the 100s for Breakfast Clubs  – we’re utilising our outdoor spaces to connect our incredible members in smaller groups to help us rebuild our community (and make use of the weather outdoors before it snows!).  We’ve been brainstorming with folks to gather themes to guide and build our rituals and how we animate the new Ground Floor spaces – come join us! 
We’ve gathered some amazing ideas and themes on how and why we convene in the spaces with many of you already!  
We’re excited to go deeper over the next few weeks and continue to share with us your ideas, feedback and insights to help us rebuild the next generation of the community and let us know how you’d like to be involved! It’s a wonderful time to pop in to connect/meet some new and returning members.
Every Wednesday during this season during we’ll be hosting Outdoor Laneway or Indoor Ground Floor Coworking Popups (based on weather conditions): 
We’ll have fresh Hot Chocolate and refreshments to warm you up and snacks to help keep you going throughout the day with your super-SpaDECA Animators!
If you aren’t able to make it on Wednesdays, let us know your ideas and insights on Community Rituals, Spaces, what you are looking for and connect with ways to get involved on the next community revolution! Feel free to reach out to