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Events » Leaders’ Peer Support Group: A facilitated, peer support group for CEOs, Executive Directors, Business Owners, Founders, Directors, or Entrepreneurs

Leaders’ Peer Support Group: A facilitated, peer support group for CEOs, Executive Directors, Business Owners, Founders, Directors, or Entrepreneurs

Leaders’ Peer Support Group: A facilitated, peer support group for CEOs, Executive Directors, Business Owners, Founders, Directors, or Entrepreneurs  

What is it?

Are you a CEO, Executive Director, Business Owner, Founder, Director or Entrepreneur? Do you feel isolated, overwhelmed and/or lonely with the challenges of leadership or ownership?

This Leader’s Peer Support Group offers a unique opportunity to connect with peers in a supportive and collaborative environment. You’ll have a confidential space to share concerns, show emotional vulnerability, hear different viewpoints and clarify priorities. This will be a group to discuss your most critical topics with complete candor, honesty and openness. You’ll gain valuable insights, share experiences, and enhance your leadership skills alongside a close circle of high-level colleagues. Join us to grow personally and professionally as you navigate the complexities of leadership and entrepreneurship.

I’ve found that it’s rather lonely being self-employed. Sometimes I want to talk through a challenging and complex situation with someone, or to share and process my feelings about it. You may find that as a leader, there are limitations as to what you can share with your direct reports or your bosses. This isolation can be amplified by having insufficient opportunities to establish meaningful professional support systems. This peer coaching group provides a confidential space, dedicated time, shared purpose and a supportive setting for building peer relationships.

Join this coaching group and open yourself to these benefits: 

·      Feel connected, understood and supported in a safe environment which may help reduce your stress and anxiety levels

·      Share your doubts and weaknesses with honesty, knowing you’re in a confidential space and among peers who are committed to helping each other improve and grow

·      Gain diverse perspectives and insights from peers who’ve walked similar paths and faced similar challenges as you, thereby enriching your decision-making process

·      Recharge your spirit and replenish your “emotional tank” by getting emotional support as you navigate the challenges of leadership

·      Escape the isolation of leadership by becoming part of a supportive community dedicated to your growth and well-being

·      Experience empathy, acceptance and appropriate responses to your struggles from peers who truly understand

·      Practice new skills in a safe setting, where we’ll focus on enhancing your leadership capabilities and helping you find your own solutions

Who would benefit most from this Leaders’ Peer Support Coaching Group?

You’ll benefit if you’re a leader:

·      …in search of a collaborative, supportive group or community of peers. In order to grow and improve, group members take responsibility for helping others rather than simply pointing out their mistakes or weaknesses. This is not a competition or evaluation forum. Members of the group should strive for collaboration, objectivity and fairness. Let’s support each other with constructive feedback and share our wisdom without being judgmental or cynical.

·      …who is looking for somewhere to recharge your “emotional tank.” Leaders are often so busy caring for others and the business that they don’t have time or people to support themselves. Our emotional tanks run dry if they don’t get any inflow. Peers can help with refilling your emotional tank. This is a space where you can get valuable emotional support and understanding

·      …searching for different perspectives on your issues and challenges. There is great value in hearing and considering a range of perspectives and alternative paths from peers as we consider a decision.

·      …feeling like no one else can relate to what you’re going through. This isn’t true. Many leaders have faced similar challenges and members of a peer group can offer helpful insights based on their experiences

·      …looking for a space to escape the isolation of leadership. Often, leaders may feel isolated because they don’t have trusted peers with whom to share their feelings, frustrations or to “dig deep” regarding their business or organization. They may also feel they can’t share leadership or business issues at home with their partners. Having peers who can understand, accept and respond to your leadership struggles can help you process your thinking and feelings about any given situation, and to feel validated and heard.

Process and structure

·      We’re going to talk about the things that worked, the struggles we’ve had and what we’re looking forward to, personally and professionally

·      This works best if you’re open and vulnerable. Be willing to be coached. Members make a commitment to contribute authentically and vulnerably; it drives deeper sharing and produces greater value.

·      This is a confidential space to admit mistakes, and to discuss when you’re feeling like an impostor, or when you’re questioning your own competence, priorities and decisions. It’s a space to share your disappointments, regrets, and dilemmas; and to speak candidly about positive opportunities and successes.

If you’re seeking a supportive network of peers who challenge, encourage and guide you toward achieving your goals, this peer support group may be what you’re looking for. So don’t wait, take the first step towards growth and success – sign up for the upcoming Leaders’ Peer Support Group.

 With your very own peers as thinking partners and cheerleaders, imagine feeling supported and understood! You’ll have the structure and opportunity to meet regularly. You’ll get to try things out, make mistakes, learn and improve from them, share your successes and challenges, and get the support you crave.

This is not a course. This is a peer support group and practice lab.

This Leaders’ Peer Support Group program has no set curriculum. Each session, you’ll bring your own agenda items that you want to work on.

Please be ready to do deep work. Your degree of effort and commitment during each session will influence the value you get from each session. 

Enrollment details

Time/Duration: The duration is one quarter at a time.

We’ll meet:

·      twice a month, for 2 hours each time

·      on every other week, from May 28th – August 1st, 2024

·      12:30PM to 2:30PM (EST), over Zoom.

You must register for the quarter. We’ll be creating a psychologically-safe learning environment for real work—and that requires the participants showing up for the full 2 hours every session.

​Registration fee:

·      50% discount as this is a pilot Leaders’ Peer Support group program

·      The registration fee is $750 CDN ($250 CDN/month).

·      Partial scholarships are available for a limited number of participants; please contact me for details. I don’t allow cost to be a barrier when working with someone.

Start before you are ready! Stop waiting; start developing and growing your business today.

Please note that participants in each group may hold multiply and an intersection of identities.

Sign up for one of these upcoming Leaders’ Peer Support Group:

1.      Leaders’ Peer Support Group (open to everyone/all leaders) – Tuesdays, 12:30pm-2:30pm(EST) from May 28 – July 30 (

Population specific groups:

2.      LGBTIQ Leaders’ Peer Support Group – Wednesdays, 12:30pm-2:30pm(EST) from May 29 – July 31 (

3.      BIPOC Leaders’ Leaders’ Peer Support Group – Thursdays, 12:30pm-2:30pm(EST) from May 30 – August 1 (