Learn to Know Yourself


Jan 25, 2019


Centre for Social Innovation Spadina

192 Spadina Avenue (between Dundas and Queen)


$8 to $10

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Today, society puts a lot of value on having more and doing more. Despite having more and doing more, are we more happy, fulfilled and at peace?


In our fast-paced modern times, we urgently need to pause and reflect on one of the most fundamental questions asked from the beginning of time:


"What is the Human BEING"?


The answer to this question is paramount as it determines how we see ourselves and others, how we think, how we feel, what choices we make, what paths we take, and ultimately the destiny of our life.


We invite you to join us to pause, discover and reflect on the timeless and universal vision of the Human Being shared by Eastern and Western ancient civilizations and philosophers for thousands of years... a vision that is extremely relevant for us to reconnect with today so that we can find happiness, inner tranquility and meaning in our daily life!


(Out of respect for those in attendance, doors will close at 7:15 pm)


(This same presentation is also offered on Monday, January 28th at Oliva, near Yonge and Sheppard)

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