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Events » Let’s Debrief: Library Incident Support Tools for Front-line Staff

Let’s Debrief: Library Incident Support Tools for Front-line Staff

As public libraries across North America experience increasingly complex social issues, front-line staff are confronted with challenging situations on a daily basis, and it is no longer enough to expect them to simply “shake it off”. Systematic supports such as EFAPS and employee wellness programs can help with ongoing concerns, but immediate support is crucial and can be harder to access or provide. Debriefing can provide a timely and flexible intervention that helps library workers walk each other through the immediate impact of any incident. But debriefing doesn’t just happen without some intentional planning and processes in place.

This interactive online workshop uses real-life debriefing protocols that have been implemented at Calgary Public Library to provide people leaders in libraries with tools and skills to debrief with library staff. Walk through the steps for debriefing, share examples of where debriefing can be used, and discuss ways to establish a process and introduce it to staff. Take this opportunity to ask questions, participate in peer-to-peer sharing, and join group problem-solving.

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