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Events » Let’s Unravel Our Year Together: Weekly Reflection Sessions

Let’s Unravel Our Year Together: Weekly Reflection Sessions

Blogger Susannah Conway puts out a workbook each year called Unravel Your Year, which invites the thousands of people to reflect and write out a yearly wrap up and meditation on the year to come. I’ve been taking part for 2 years and this will be my third. This year, she’s completely redone it to reflect a pandemic year where so many of our plans and dreams shifted from maybe how we imagined them in January 2019.

You can learn about it here!’m going to make this a weekly Zoom call until the first Tuesday of January. Come to as many sessions as you’d like. I imagine this will go like a Zoom art night you may have attended, with folks trickling in, reflecting quietly to music for a while and then maybe sharing and hanging out for the last 30-45 min.

Please invite people you know, especially if you know other folks who might already know about Unravel and want some folks to do it with!