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Events » Lunch and Learn: Rethink Giving

Lunch and Learn: Rethink Giving

Register Here to learn about a unique intersection of crowd-funding & foundational models to bring charitable giving into the 21st Century. Meet the Infāquers!


Many small nonprofits and charities are competing to get access to a limited pool of institutional funds. While focusing on grant applications, it can be difficult to develop an individual donor engagement strategy. On the flip side, individual donors are burnt out from the endless requests. 

This is where Infāque comes in: they facilitate centralized giving using a combination of crowd-funding and foundation models. THey support on-the-ground nonprofits– their partners– in reaching individual donors via the Infāque platform. 


By the end of this event you will learn: 

  • How nonprofits and charities can engage compassionate people to drive social impact; 
  • How Infāque’s algorithms enable nonprofits, charities, and individual donors to trace where their money is granted and the impact it has created on a dollar-level; and, 
  • How a cause-focused approach empowers individaul donors to reclaim their right to save the planet. 

Whether you are a donor, nonprofit, or charity — join us in this Lunch and Learn: Rethink Giving with CSI Members Omar A. Butt, Fahad Qureshi, and Tristan Surman of Infāque.

The event will run from 12:30pm – 1:30pm EDT. The sepakers will take questions throughout the presentation. 


This is a free event for CSI Members!  If you aren’t a CSI Member yet, we ask you to pay what you can using Eventbrite’s donation option. If registration is inaccessible to you, please reach out to andrea(dot)s(at)socialinnovation(dot)ca. 


About the Speaker(s)

Omar A. Butt and Fahad Qureshi are Co-Founders of Infāque, an innovative platform at the intersection of crowd-funding and foundation. Their vision is to empower compassionate people to drive positive social impact. Rather than focusing on a single recipient (i.e. a charity or a nonprofit), Infāque takes a more cause-focused view. Our contributors (i.e. donors) fund the causes, thereby creating micro-funding pools by each cause. Infāque uses these micro-funding pools to make rapid grants for the recipients’ campaigns.