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Events » Lunch and Learn: The 3 C’s of High-Trust Teams

Lunch and Learn: The 3 C’s of High-Trust Teams

Register today for CSI’s next Lunch and Learn session where attendees will learn how to foster greater trust within your team to communicate more effectively, collaborate more productively, and connect more authentically.

Organizational research has shown time and time again that teams built on a solid foundation of trust are more innovative, take calculated risks and problem-solve more effectively. Ultimately, this results in a stronger, more productive, and more collaborative team.

In this Lunch and Learn session, you’ll have the chance to  gain a deeper understanding of why trust within a team is so important. You’ll  explore the three conditions that are necessary to building trust, and learn how these conditions can be applied to your team and organization to strengthen communication, collaboration, and connections, ultimately building more trusting and more high-performing  teams!

By the end of this Lunch and Learn, attendees will:

  1. Explore what it means to share deep interpersonal trust with another person and understand the importance and benefits of interpersonal trust in the workplace,
  2. Learn about the three conditions that contribute to stronger trust between individuals and within teams, and
  3. Develop skills to build deeper trust with others and improve your relationships, both professionally and personally.


This event will take place on Monday, May 8, from 12:00 – 1:00 PM EDT. Tickets are free for CSI Members!

Register now.


About the speaker(s):

About 3C Team Building and Training

You’ve never had this much fun learning at work. We know this because it’s what our clients have been telling us for the past eight years.

At 3C Team Building and Training, we specialize in delivering fun, relevant and inspiring professional development programming to help diverse teams improve the way they work while connecting with colleagues in a meaningful way. Our mission is to support teams to leverage the “3 Cs” of high performing teams – Curiosity, Compassion and Courage – to ultimately help them communicate more effectively, collaborate more productively, and connect more authentically.

Since our inception in 2015, we have delivered hundreds of dynamic and engaging team building workshops, courses, retreats, coaching sessions, and more to over 5,000 professionals and 300 teams.

*3C Team Building and Training is a division of MentorU Inc., which is a certified Canadian post-secondary institution and a Government of Canada-approved ProServices vendor.

About Jay Gosselin

Jay Gosselin has been a student of character-based leadership for as long as he can remember, and believes that the development of character is the most important factor in building effective leaders, organizations and communities.

Jay’s passion for leadership development led him to founding MentorU Leadership Academy, Discover Year, and 3C Team Building and Training. Through each of these businesses, his mission is to help people and organizations thrive.

The insights Jay has gathered from coaching hundreds of teams and over 15,000 people enables him to deliver relevant, engaging and inspiring programming. His greatest strength is his ability to connect authentically with all kinds of people, and to create a safe and collaborative space to do honest, meaningful work.