Lunch & Learn: Artificial General Intelligence


Dec 7, 2018



Bring your lunch & join in for a 30-min presentation exploring what is being described as the single biggest issue humanity has ever had to face: a tool, a piece of software that can surpass human cognition at all levels: artificial general intelligence.

This event is the final one of the "Lunch & Learn about the 21st Century" series held at the Centre for Social Innovation.

12:15pm Presentation starts

12:45pm Q&A and discussion

Space is limited so RSVP here to save your spot.

Speaker bio: Wyatt Tessari is the founder and executive director of the Centre for Human Success. He holds a B.Eng in mechanical engineering and was a three time political candidate focused on climate change. He is the author of an upcoming book exploring the future of technology, its implications for us, and how we might best harness it. He is a member of CSI Spadina.

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