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Events » Lunch & Learn: How to prepare your organization for successful evaluation

Lunch & Learn: How to prepare your organization for successful evaluation

This workshop is ideal for you if you find our evaluation work is creating a burden on your organization’s process and resources. Or, you may have seen that your evaluation did not deliver the desired effect in proving and improving your impact. That’s where we need EvalOps TM. Register on Eventbrite.

EvalOps TM is a collective term that describes the optimization of evaluation processes and orchestration of organizational resources in order to amplify the value of monitoring and evaluation. Why EvalOps ™? With Ops, you can make sure your monitoring and evaluation are taking place with quality participants, evaluation findings are easily accessible and utilizable, and that your evaluation is done on time, on budget, and often. Long story short, EvalOps TM can take your evaluation practice from good to great

This workshop will be provided by Ashraful Hasan. As the founder and CEO of Impactrio, an impact management consulting firm, He is a conduit for impact measurement and change management, with over a decade of domestic and international experiences in supporting more than 100 social and policy innovations.

By the end of the workshop, we will discuss and learn about the following challenges and how EvalOps TM can help:

  • Growing and evolving evaluation needs
  • Getting buy-in for data collection and/or evaluation utilization
  • Creating efficient workflows that do not burden the impact operation
  • improving the quality and impact of evaluation outputs.

This event will run from 12-1pm and the last half hour will be available for questions.