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Events » Lunch & Learn: Next Generation of Climate Action – Multisolving & Collective Impact

Lunch & Learn: Next Generation of Climate Action – Multisolving & Collective Impact

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In the past two decades we have seen immense progress in clean technologies. The price of renewable energy, storage, and electric vehicles have all plummeted to parity, if not cheaper, than their fossil fuel alternatives. Despite this progress, emissions and temperatures continue to rise and so the question must be asked – what’s next?

The answer, as indicated by study after study, is to not look at science fiction for inspiration but rather history. Community centred action that addresses multiple challenges simultaneously has been shown to create deeper and more sustainable emission reductions while also addressing the systemic changes that we need to build a flourishing and climate-just future.

Join CSI Community Director Stefan Hostetter and Collective Impact Specialist Kathryn Tait as they introduce two aligned concepts, Multisolving and Collective Impact, and how the learnings from each can come together and be the foundation of the future we must build.

In this session participants will:

  • Explore the concept of Multisolving, the implications of the research behind it, and see examples of it in action
  • Learn about the Collective Impact approach and the key principles behind its success
  • Be introduced to the Lighthouse Collective, a project that is centring these two approaches in climate action here in Toronto

About the Lighthouse Collective:
Formed out of a partnership between the Tamarack Institute, the City of Toronto, the Toronto Climate Action Network, Canadian Community Challenge, and CSI the Lighthouse Collective is building new pathways into the climate movement for residents across the city.
The Lighthouse Collective is launching on May 2nd with a concert at Lula Lounge. Grab your ticket here!