Maximize Your Professional Image


Dec 9, 2019



Have you ever wondered if you have an image that is in line with your personal brand? if you are creating a great first impression? Did know how you dress is a form of non verbal communication? 

Your appearance and attire sends messages about you before you speak a word to someone. First impressions matter when you are meeting a new client, during a job interview or even when being considered for promotion by senior executives. 

In this workshop you will gain insights to project a professional image with confidence and identify how to dress strategically to look powerful and approachable.

By attending this workshop, you will:

  • Create a memorial first impression using your visual appearance.
  • Determine the power of wearing colours for impact 
  • Compare and contrast the different levels of dress to wear both professionally and personally
  • Develop a professional capsule wardrobe plan

Register now and use promo code: professionalimage to save $40 off your ticket by December 2.

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