Networking and Job Search


Oct 10, 2019


This course empowers participants to master networking, develop personal and professional goals, and create a plan to find their dream job.

They will acquire the skills required and learn techniques on how to position their skills, demonstrate they are the right candidate for the job they’re applying for when interviewing, and how to position achievements in any setting. Participants will enhance their skills, including: creating effective resumes, presenting successes and failures to current and potential managers, and showcase themselves as highly qualified individuals. They will acquire tools and techniques for relationship development and management. Topics such as: communicating with impact, gaining credibility, interviewing, and building a personal brand will be covered in this course.

Participants will receive a review and comprehensive feedback on their resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. They will also be provided with templates that can be immediately applied.

This course is beneficial to;

- Those looking to advance in their current job and/or field;
- Communicate their successes and be seen as a leader;
- Students seeking to change jobs and/or industries;
- Individuals looking to gain a competitive advantage and speak clearly and concisely;
- Anyone looking to communicate effectively with their managers, colleagues, and peers; and
- Those wanting to be seen as a strong communicator and effective leader.


By the end of this course, participants will:

- Develop a set of personal and professional goals;
- Have four concrete examples of professional successes and not-so successful projects to showcase their capabilities;
- Develop a 2-year plan for either career advancement or job search;
- Acquire tools and technique to network and interview
- Communicate with conviction;
- Simplify messages and communicate like leaders;
- Translate business successes to any audience; and
- Manage careers and build relationships within and outside their organizations.

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