Nonprofit Financial Resilience Lab with Betty Ferreira


Jun 4, 2019


The Garage, CSI Annex

720 Bathurst Street



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This interactive workshop will teach participants the principles of financial resilience in times of change while providing each participant the opportunity to assess the financial resilience of the organization’s they work for or volunteer with.   It will introduce concepts and discuss the importance of:

  • assessing your organization’s level of preparedness for change and complexity;
  • assessing the impact of any potential funding changes on the organization;
  • making proactive strategic decisions about programs and services based on an integrated financial and strategic lens;
  • understanding the true allocation of direct and indirect costs of programs;
  • determining the organization and the programs that are ‘resilient’ to changes in funding; and
  • ensuring proper financial reporting and oversight of the programs and the organization.
  Participants must bring the following to this workshop for use in the independent exercises;
  1. The most recent copy of the Audited Financial Statements;
  2. The most recent copy of the internal monthly or quarterly financial statements of the organization AND budget reports for programs/departments/projects or initiatives if available

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