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Nov 4, 2019



$125 -$175

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I’m continuing to make my services accessible and leading 4 week online group coaching sessions. I’ll be offering 3 different groups starting Sept 9th: 1. Space organization 2. Time management 3. Business or project coaching.

As a reminder I help people become clear on their intentions, minimize the clutter that’s getting in the way, organize what’s left, then sustain it through changing habits, beliefs and thinking. There is inner work required and a willingness to change for this to happen as the process is one of self discovery and growth.

If you or you know of anyone who may be interested please do feel free to contact me at To learn more you can also visit

Info on group sessions:

Time: Monday or Wednesday - time to be determined collectively as a group.
Weekly sessions: once a week -between 40 mins and 1 hour depending on group size
Homework: dependent on what you can commit to and what you are focusing on, suggested minimum of 1 hour
Amount: $125 - $175 sliding scale, per participant

The 3 different groups I am offering are as follows:

Space Organization:
- Clarify your intentions
- Identify areas that need to be organized
- Minimize clutter getting in the way - one specific area of your home or office
- Tools and strategies to organize what’s left
- Sustain it through habit, belief and thought changes

Time Management:
- Identify your intentions
- Map out weekly schedule and overall tasks
- Minimize tasks getting in the way or other factors
- Create timelines and break down larger tasks
- Create a morning and evening routine
- Accountability tools
- Sustain it through habit, belief and thought changes

Business Organization:
- Clarify your intentions
- Identify areas you want to focus on first
- Create a plan and schedule
- Organize all the working parts to run your business
- Time management
Other possible areas, depending on the needs of individuals:
- Branding language and focus
- Document and system building

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