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Events » Ordinary People, Extraordinary Times: Leadership to Deepen Democracy

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Times: Leadership to Deepen Democracy

Let it not be said of our generation, “could they have done more?” but rather “look at all they did and how much they made things better”.

Building Community, Capacity and Courage.

Free Registration (Register by Tuesday, January 19th)

Thursday, January 21 & Friday, January 22nd
10:00am-5:00pm EST

In the midst of surviving a pandemic, we are watching the world’s superpower on the brink of civil war and witnessing a growing polarization across western democracies struggling with increasing authoritarianism. Many experts have called this time a slow slide toward fascism. Yet, as always, when systems fall apart, the bridgebuilders always emerge.

This two-day conference is for JEDI (justice, equity, diversity and inclusion) leaders/ warriors/ change-makers who are passionate about collectively harvesting and imagining what it will take to repair our broken democratic systems. We need to be able to develop the inner fluidity to prevent internal and external lockdown as well as the ability to discern right course of action to interrupt oppression in the contexts we find ourselves in. There is no one way or right way to interrupt systemic oppression- we need many ways rooted in plural personalities, organizations, cultures and ways of being. This conference is an invitation for ordinary people to bring all we have to these extraordinary times. Join our global community to look ahead and vision what 2050 will look like if we act together now.