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Events » Our wounded hearts and loving ourselves

Our wounded hearts and loving ourselves

During this month of valentines and chocolate hearts, how do we connect with a deeper sense of love in and for ourselves? Especially with the wounds we carry in our hearts?

Join us for a transformative somatic masterclass as we delve into the embodied experience of love, longing, and connection. In this session, we will explore the intricate connection between love and our somatic experiences, focusing on healing our love wounds and embracing self-love within the sanctuary of our bodies. Through expert guidance and somatic practice, participants will learn to unlock the potential for healing and self-discovery, ultimately fostering a deeper connection with themselves. Whether you seek to heal from past trauma, embrace a deeper sense of self-love, or gain insight into the somatic manifestations of love and longing, this masterclass offers an opportunity to cultivate a profound sense of love and acceptance within.

The class is being offered as pay-what-you-want, inviting you pay what feels accessible and meaningful.

The class is being facilitated by Twyla Kowalenko, MSW PhD, founder of soma’ing, somatic educator, embodiment coach, movement facilitator and DJ. Twyla is passionate about sharing the benefits of somatic practice and making them accessible and relevant.

For information about the class and to register, visit