Painting a Picture with Words – Writing Workshop

- Jun 5, 2018

Innovation Works London


Jun 5, 2018


Innovation Works London

201 King Street


Painting a Picture with Words - Does yours need a fresh coat?
When it comes to your business or creative project, writing is so much more than just words. They’re an opportunity, an invitation a chance to connect. 

When it comes to your website, social media content, blog or newsletter, your words serve as the welcome mat, the handshake or hug and beginning of your relationship with that customer, client or community member.

Your words are what connect your idea, project, service or product with the people who are craving and searching for it.

We’ve all had that feeling of frustration staring at the blinking cursor or blank page. Wishing, hoping and crossing our fingers that the words come out.

Whether you’re just starting out and don’t know where to begin or if you’ve been feeling stuck when it comes to writing content and copy this workshop is for you. 

In this workshop we’ll take your thoughts, ideas and scribbles and apply them to a series of writing experiments and exercises. You’ll leave with tips, resources and copy you’ve created, so you can paint a picture with words that leads to more connections.

Workshop registration is FREE....BUT..there's a catch..well not a catch, more like a confirmation of your commitment....Please RSVP to save a seat with your name on it. Registration closes May 22. 

Location: Collaboration Station, Innovation Works, 201 King Street London, ON

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