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Events » Personal Branding for Leaders & Changemakers | 10 Things Nonprofits Need to Know

Personal Branding for Leaders & Changemakers | 10 Things Nonprofits Need to Know

10 Things Nonprofits Need to Know About Personal Branding for Leaders & Changemakers

​Featuring Daniel Francavilla

​The terms “personal branding” and “thought leadership” are used a lot outside of the nonprofit sector, but this session is all about empowering leaders within nonprofit organizations, charities, and social impact ventures to harness the power of personal branding to meet their goals and make more impact. Learn from tactics, strategies and examples to craft a compelling personal brand that aligns with your organization’s mission and amplifies your influence. From tips on storytelling, content, social media profiles and more, learn to increase your visibility, credibility and ultimately positive impact.

​About the Series

This online event is part of a complimentary series of talks and Q&A sessions featuring curated trainers from The Good Growth Company roster, each sharing 10 things nonprofit organizations and charities need to know about a given topic — from messaging to measuring impact. The series is designed for leaders and within nonprofits, charities and social impact organizations.

​Session Format:

Presentation: 10 Tips Talk

Q&A: Ask Your Questions

Length: 45-Minutes to 1 Hour

​About the Speaker

Daniel Francavilla is a creative marketing advisor and brand strategist supporting innovative projects that have a positive impact, helping to make things happen for entrepreneurs and changemakers, leveraging his experience founding companies and a non-profit organization. Daniel is a Certified Brand Strategist, a college educator, a member of the Canadian Marketing Association, and a recipient of a 40 Under 40 Award.

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