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Events » Playing Politics in Ontario- A Pre-Election Primer 2022

Playing Politics in Ontario- A Pre-Election Primer 2022

Sean will present a checklist of pre-election preparations for organizations intending to advance their policy agendas in the Ontario General Election of June 2, 2022.

Topics will include:

Initiatives Before, During and After the election campaign (e.g. platform proposals, campaign strategies, participation in local all-candidates meetings and leaders’ debates, post-election-day strategies and plans);

New rules governing NGO activities in election campaigns;

Assessing whether you have the advocacy resources to be effective in an election campaign.

The focus will be Ontario but much of the information presented will also be relevant to other provinces.

We will ensure there is ample time for answering questions and interacting with Sean.

Cost $35

Please visit our website for more information and registration.