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Pranayama Session

Why Pranayama is the Epic Practice: it is 1 Million Times Faster Than What 99.7% of the People are Doing. It works 1 million times faster than psychology, coaching or intention.

15 minutes of Pranayama per day for 1 year – guided by a qualified teacher trainer – will erase the root of your karma. GONE – for this lifetime and all lifetimes.

Some people don’t have the skills to deal with all the trauma that they will face, and it will require being karma-free to not get caught up in this tumultuous time. So, do you see why any person who is ready needs this at THIS time?

Pranayama strengthens your aura’s shield and stops ALL fear. No matter what “craziness” is going on around you, you will be safe, like a bowl of peace around you at all times.

Advanced Pranayama is the only way to get karma-free before the timeframe of the destruction of all the negativity in society. Energetically, the old structures are gone. Every area of society is going to change and change quickly, and many will be challenged mentally, emotionally and spiritually because of this. About 25% will start the healing work that they really need.

Are you ready to be FEARLESS in the face of these massive changes?

I can tell you from personal experience for myself, and all the people that I have trained on Advanced Pranayama: they are fearless. Some of them don’t even know now how they will survive, but they are confident and relaxed, knowing that they are looked after.

If you want this for yourself, then take the Pranayama for Spiritual Teachers and Healers Program. Not only will you learn the techniques to make yourself fearless, but you will have a community of people that understand that this is the greatest time to be alive, you will have the strength to be of service, and you will have the discernment for how and when to be of service.

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