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Events » Pranayama: The Lightening Path – Free Trial Classes (2 sessions)

Pranayama: The Lightening Path – Free Trial Classes (2 sessions)

Breath changes your life for better or for worse. Experience how easy it is to change the way that you feel in only 6 minutes.

We also help you improve and change your posture, which has many mental, emotional and health benefits (plus you look better too!) Benefit #5 of Pranayama:
In yesterday’s session, somebody realized that their shoulders were sore from sitting up straight, and they realized how much tension they were creating in their body from sitting hunched over their computer. Pranayama helped them relax their shoulders which let go of all the stress that they had been feeling since starting to work at home. That took a total of 6 minutes! World events are going crazy right now, and Pranayama gives you the strong aura and skills that you need to stay out of the mass confusion. Staying strong in your own aura is essential if you want to help others. We have trial classes all this week so that you can experience for yourself how Pranayama is the Lightening Path. Pranayama does in 15 minutes what it takes other meditation styles 70 minutes to several hours to accomplish. This means that you make more progress and can get to a deep state of calm and confidence quickly. The period of rapid change officially started on Oct 31 with the Full Moon. The next 5 years or more will be similar to what we are going to see in November with the changes. Make sure that you can stay steady in the storm.

Join Nov 5th at 3:30 pm PT/ 6:30 pm ET OR at 5:00 PT / 8:00 ET (each class 20 mins) Book at