Public Speaking


Sep 18, 2019



A hands-on course designed to push people outside their comfort zone, speak with conviction, deliver compelling messages, strengthen their communication skills, and be seen as leaders when presenting to large audiences.

Participants will receive concrete tools and techniques for effective presentations, public speaking, and communication skills,including: presenting to large audiences, speaking with impact, maintaining audience engagement, and gaining credibility will be covered.

The exercises are practical and enable participants to immediately apply the tools and techniques in any situation.


By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

- Effectively develop, structure, and deliver public speaking presentations;
- Immediately apply learnings to present in any public forum for any purpose;
- Identify proof points validating their positions;
- Communicate effectively, deliver presentations and speeches that influence;
- Translate their messages including sharing ideas, presenting new concepts, igniting conversations, presenting a different position, and communicating to any audience; and
- Demonstrate they are the subject matter expert.


- Interested in developing or enhancing their public speaking skills;
- Seeking a structure to help them with public speaking presentations;
- Participants looking to speak publicly in any environment;
- Compelled to speak with certitude, deliver compelling messages, communicate effectively, and translate messages clearly and concisely;
- Drawn to differentiating themselves when speaking in public; and
- Looking to become professional public speakers.

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