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Events » Responding to Mental Health During Times of Change (presented by Pedro Afif: Psychotherapist)

Responding to Mental Health During Times of Change (presented by Pedro Afif: Psychotherapist)

Over the past year we’ve seen the emergent implications of the changing landscape and uncertainty and its impact on our mental health and those around us. 

Notice yourself, or people around you, feeling anxious, depressed, or just a little ‘out of it’ recently? You’re not alone. As socially conscious business owners, entrepreneurs, and innovators, understanding and navigating the climate can help you cultivate healthier environments in – and outside – the workplace.

  • In this interactive session we will also discuss cognitive strategies and approaches to respond during times of change and stress. Together we’ll learn ways of identifying, coping, and moving through these experiences. 

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Pedro Afif is a coach and trained psychotherapist as a member of the Centre for Social Innovation with a decade of experience in helping people from all walks of life to develop self-awareness, confidence and emotional intelligence. He specializes in supporting entrepreneurs and changemakers to achieve higher emotional intelligence and strengthen cognitive competencies toward high performance and success.

His therapeutic style goes hand in hand with Neuro-Linguistic programming and hypnosis and influenced by neuroscience, systemic family therapy, integrative and Chinese medicine, meditation and strong spiritual principles.

Pedro is passionate about supporting growth of individuals to effect social change and make a positive impact on their direct environment, society and the world.