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Events » Rethinking Resolutions: Get underneath goals to have more of what you want

Rethinking Resolutions: Get underneath goals to have more of what you want

Have you made new year’s resolutions this year?

Since we’re still less than one month into the year, it’s likely you’ve still got some momentum. And you’re still hopeful. That you may be one of the 7% that make it through the whole year. Or one of the 16% that make it even half the year.

If you didn’t make resolutions, you’re not alone. Although we can be eternally hopeful, we know that most people only continue with their resolutions for a few months at max.

What if I told you that most resolutions are focused on the wrong thing? The way we set goals and the way we rely on willpower and grit often makes it really difficult to experience the changes we desire in our lives.

There is an easier way. A more lasting and connected way. This isn’t a get-rich-quick promise. It’s a way to get underneath what’s happening when we want to make changes, to go to the level where it really works.

Interested? Join us for just one hour to learn what you’ve been missing, to rethink this whole business of resolutions, and leave with real tools to focus your year ahead on what really matters. And to achieve your goals in easeful, connected ways.

In this one-hour masterclass, you’ll learn:

· How to get clear on your goals

· What’s been missing in your resolutions and goal setting

· What the process of transformation really looks like and requires

· How to connect our goals to all parts of our lives

· How to consistently align ourselves with our goals

· An easeful process to bring your dreams, desires and goals from idea to reality

Tickets are $25 available through:

Part discussion, part practice, you’ll be learn and practice a powerful, easeful and embodied technique. All participants will receive a recording of the masterclass and be able to continue using the technique on their own. You’ll also receive an invitation for personalised support.

About your facilitator:

Twyla Kowalenko MSW PhD is the creator and founder of soma’ing, an approach and organisation that leverages somatic intelligence to make tangible differences in people’s personal and professional lives.

Twyla has over 20 years of experience teaching and facilitating personal development in the non-profit, community, and academic sectors in Canada and internationally. Drawing on a lifetime of movement and somatic modalities, Twyla has been a pioneer in the somatic field, committed to increasing the accessibility of embodiment practice to make a real difference in people’s lives. Based in Toronto, Twyla works as a somatic educator, embodiment coach, and movement facilitator. Twyla brings her responsive, intuitive care to all her clients as she is passionate in supporting meaningful transformation.

Twyla’s signature offering, Your Practice, is a revolutionary, easeful, and lasting approach to making profound changes in all areas of life, including clarity, habits, work success, focus, decision-making, work-life balance, sleep, social ease, and relationships while decreasing stress and pain.