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Events » Spiritual Professional Development and Rapid Evolution [FREE LIVE WEBINAR]

Spiritual Professional Development and Rapid Evolution [FREE LIVE WEBINAR]

The world is changing. Do you feel it?

Humanity is levelling up. Some will struggle, while others will surf. What’s going to be most important of all is that the surfers help the swimmers along the way.

Are you that helping hand?

If you’re a yoga or fitness instructor, a massage therapist or reiki healer, or maybe a therapist or a changemaker, you’re doing that work. Everyday at work…and also in your daily interactions with others.

People breathe deeper because of you.

People smile more because of you.

People live more fully because of you.

And who is taking care of you?

Boundaries are really important when you’re helping others, and having a strong core of your own. It’s crucial to have a practice that puts oil back in the lamp so that your work of lifting others up can continue.

At this time on earth, when karma is more easily released than in the past, it is beneficial to clear your own and family karma. Pranayama does this effectively.

Join us for a webinar discussing why teachers, healers, and helpers need to erase their own negative patterns so that they can serve more people without being affected in their energy level.

To heal the world, you must heal yourself.

Time: Wednesday, October 28th, 2020 @ 12:30 EST | 9:30 PST