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Events » The Stories We Don’t Tell: The Gathering

The Stories We Don’t Tell: The Gathering

We here at the Stories We Don’t Tell back with our first, and potentially only ever, online event! We’re teaming up with CIUT 89.5FM to host a live storytelling event that will be broadcast over the airwaves in February.

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Since the beginning of the pandemic we’ve been hesitant to host an online event but the idea of going a full year and not gathering this community even once was a little too much to bear. What we can promise, is that this will be an online storytelling event like none we’ve seen.

Set (virtually) at the Clarens Commons, we’ll be hosting six incredible storytellers in an intimate setting. Using Gather.Town an online platform to create more spacial experience, audience members will be able to explore a unique re-imaging of one of our favourite venues, chat with your fellow guests, all before settling in to hear a collection of stories that we’ve gathered over the pandemic and cannot wait to share with you.

If you’re not the exploring type, a zoom link will also be available.