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Events » The Sustainable Development Goals: Origins, Context, and Perspectives | Systems Thinking Ontario

The Sustainable Development Goals: Origins, Context, and Perspectives | Systems Thinking Ontario

Within the Systems Thinking Ontario community, we have an authority on the Sustainable Development Goals with Ned (Nenad Rava), Head of Programmes, Joint SDG Fund.

As an opportunity for novices and the immersed to participation in a conversation around the SDGs, we will center on three questions:

(1) How did the SDGs come to be, and Why? (10min)

Discussion: In what ways SDGs relate to sustainability? Do we even need (global) goals? What are the implications for businesses, academia, grass-roots? (10min)

(2) What do SDGs have to do with systems change? (15min)

Discussion: Reality check: a genuine approach to systems change or just “buzzwords”? How do the SDGs relate to other systems approaches to sustainability (from flourishing to systems dynamics)? (15min)

(3) Where do we stand in early 2023? What happens next? (10min)

Discussion: What does this mean for Canada? What is the impact of the post-COVID crises (including the triple crisis of food, energy, financing)? What can we do as individuals/ Canadians?


Dr Nenad Rava has an eclectic background including comparative politics, public sector modernization and institutional reform, cross-sectoral public policy, strategic foresight, and business innovation. Besides a BSc in management and PhD in politics, he also holds a Master of Design degree in Strategic Foresight and Innovation at OCADU.

Dr Rava has contributed to complex systems change through more than 120 senior-level engagements in over 45 countries. Amongst other, he has produced 35+ research reports, articles and other publications (including a chapter on “Systems Design Approach to Public Policy” in the Handbook on Systems Sciences) [open access via SharedIt, or via Medium] and 80+ educational and training programs.

Dr Rava supported the finalization of co-design and launch of the Joint SDG Fund at the UN HQ in 2018, led the first portfolio of 35 programs benefiting 147 million most vulnerable persons in 2020-2022, and currently incubates new SDG transformation priorities.

The session will be moderated by David Ing.

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