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Events » Three Ways to Boost the Changemaking Power of Grants

Three Ways to Boost the Changemaking Power of Grants

Led by author Barbara Floersch formerly of the Grantsmanship Center, moderated by Ken Wyman, CFRE with special guest respondent Devika Shaw of Environmental Funders Canada.

After training thousands of nonprofit staff members, Barbara Floersch has identified common misperceptions that limit the change-making power of grants. This session will call out three of those limiting misperceptions, reframe each, and provide examples of how the new mindset will lead to more impactful programs and more competitive funding requests. 

The three misperceptions that will be reframed:

1. Defining the problem. The problem is not the lack of the activity you want to implement. Argue for changes not activities.

2. The imperative of collaboration. Intersectionality. Ecology of funding in a community context.

3. It’s never about the organization.

Through this session participants will better understand grants as tools for social and environmental change. Session leaders will identify 3 of the most important ways to boost the change-making power of grants, they’ll share how you can use your power and influence to advocate for best-practice approaches to grants work.

The session will help you as an environmentalist who prepares grant proposals, or does other fundraising, understand how to do the work more effectively. It will provide you with language and concepts you can use to educate other staff, volunteers, and board members about the most effective way to seek funding. It will re-inspire you whether you are a seasoned environmentalist, a grant professional, new to the sector, or a volunteer.

Cost: Free

Please visit our website, Sustainability Network, for more information and registration.