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Events » Three Ways to Raise More Money and Save the Planet with Ken Wyman

Three Ways to Raise More Money and Save the Planet with Ken Wyman

Three Ways to Raise More Money and Save the Planet with Ken Wyman

Session 3: Face to face with Major Individual Donors Webinar

February 11th, 2021 from 1:00-2:00 ET. Cost: $25

How can you connect with those fabulous people who give charities big donations? You hear of multi-million dollar pledges to universities and hospitals and you think ‘we would be happy with a few thousand dollars!’

These individuals contribute far more to charity than corporations or foundations, yet many non-profit groups don’t know how to reach them properly. This can be productive fundraising, particularly in the short term or a crisis, because individuals can respond quickly with no bureaucratic grant-approval process.

Ken will show you how to:

  • Discover your unique connections to donors you didn’t know you had, using Ken’s trademark “Webbing Exercise”
  • Learn more about their special interests, and what excites them
  • Cultivate the relationship before you ask
  • Figure out how much to ask them to give
  • Prepare your board, senior volunteers, and staff to ask big
  • Get past the fear of calling or visiting (when the pandemic allows personal contact again)
  • Handle any questions or objections they might raise
  • Thank them and make them happy to give again and again

About Ken Wyman

Professor Emeritus Ken Wyman helped shape the next generation of fundraisers for 20 years as the Coordinator of Humber College’s postgraduate Fundraising Program. A popular trainer, consultant and international presenter, Ken specializes in helping grassroots groups develop the skills for rapid growth and long-term sustainability. With over four decades of experience, Ken has written or contributed to twelve books on fundraising, including Excellence in Fundraising in Canada from Civil Sector Press. Ken received the first ever “Fund Raising Executive of the Year” award from the Association of Fundraising Professionals Greater Toronto Chapter.