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Events » Thriving in Crisis [Online Circle]

Thriving in Crisis [Online Circle]

COVID-19 has thrown much of the world simultaneously into a situation where we need to radically change our day to day lives. This disruption is a powerful moment in human civilization as we experience our intrinsic interconnectedness and interdependence in a global community of billions. It is a time of stress and fear, and also of beautiful solidarity. It is an opportunity to PAUSE and consider what values we want to live now, who we want to be in this moment.

Breakdown is always an opportunity for break-through. I have experienced this enough in my life to feel equipped to navigate well through this crisis and to be a support for others to find their way through.

I invite you join me in this conversation ♥

Zoom details :

Meeting ID: 918 6574 7374
Password: Thrive

The practice this week : Embody your future self

Bring your body online! I’ll be sharing techniques I’ve learned from the Presencing Institute training this week for us to access our bodies’ wisdom to get unstuck from our past self and sculpt our desired future self. I found this to be a hugely liberating process, getting the tangles of the mind out the way and find embodied clarity.

I look forward to hosting you ♥

Logistics :
+ It will be on Zoom (if you don’t have it you can download here To join the meeting, go to
+ This will not be a presentation, it’s a conversation. Be prepared to speak, and to be there for the duration 🙂
+ I ask that everyone shows up on time to respect the time of everyone else.