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Events » Transitioning to Post-Secondary in a Pandemic – a Session for Parents

Transitioning to Post-Secondary in a Pandemic – a Session for Parents

During this pandemic, a time in which we are struggling to make even the most basic of choices, our students are making the significant choice about higher education. How can we guide them when so much is in flux?

As a part of Giving Tuesday, on December 1, Lisa Taylor, President and Founder of Challenge Factory and thought leader in the area of the Future of Work will offer a Pay-What-You-Want talk on how to help your students make this critical decision through a lens of career development and the changing workplace.


The headlines are full of “Generation Jobless”, student harm, and lack of preparedness, never mind the focus on “career scarring.” With optimism and data, Lisa will help you recapture the joy of helping the next generation launch.

A sought-after expert, Lisa is the author of the Retain and Gain series of career management playbooks for small businesses and non-profits and charities. Her third book, The Talent Revolution: Longevity and the Future of Work, is published by the University of Toronto Press-Rotman Imprint. Her expertise is widely recognized in The Globe and Mail, The Wall Street Journal, CBC, TVO, and other major outlets. She is the mother of a grade 10 student and a first-year university student.

All proceeds from this event will be donated to Woodgreen Community Services (Homeward Bound).