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Events » TSA Architects Talk: Layered City (Doors Open TO)

TSA Architects Talk: Layered City (Doors Open TO)

Cities are dynamic places, the result of a constant yet fragmented process of building, erasure and reconstruction that accumulates over time. 

Hidden within our built environment—from street patterns to buildings, monuments to place names—are the traces of this process. They are juxtaposed fragments of different moments within the history of this land. To read these layers is to recognize the multiple stories that have shaped the collective, multi-generational project that is Toronto. Yet we must also understand that this process is anything but arbitrary. Each generation’s priorities and values are critical in deciding what we keep, what we attempt to erase, and whose stories are given priority in our city’s built form. 

Join the Toronto Society of Architects and Doors Open Toronto on Sunday, May 26 at 2:00 PM for our 2024 Architects Talk as our speakers engage in a series of fast-paced lightning presentations that will reveal some of the many layers that make up our city. The presentations will be followed by a panel discussion and Q&A where we will further explore the relationship between our city, its multiple histories, and its ongoing transformation. 

Learn more about our panellists and get your tickets on our website:


About Architects Talk

TSA Architects Talk is a thought provoking public conversation bringing together numerous local architects and experts across a wide variety of fields to discuss larger issues of architecture within the context of Doors Open Toronto and its yearly theme.

Check out past recordings of Architects Talks here.

This event is a partnership between the Toronto Society of Architects and the City of Toronto and hosted by Evergreen Brickworks as part of Doors Open Toronto 2024.


Getting to the Talk

This year’s talk is being held at Evergreen Brick Works, a celebrated example of adaptive reuse in our city. There is limited parking capacity on site, so we recommend using other modes of transportation such as the TTC, biking, walking or the Evergreen Shuttle Bus.

More information on transportation options can be found here