Vertical Intersections w/ IDITA – Volunteers Call


Sep 10, 2019


The Bentway

250 Fort York Blvd


Would you like to be part of Vertical Intersections and learn more about a new creative community vertical gardens vision, event planning & design? Please join us every Sunday from 2-3pm in our social gardening, just look for Diana and I will tell how you could be of great help. Thank you very much!:D

All the detail below:

Gardening Intersections
Every Sunday beginning September 15th, 2:00 – 3:00 pm

Community members are invited to gather once a week at The Bentway for social gardening through the Vertical Intersections installation. Participants can help co-create this vertical community garden, discover the different plant species growing wild at The Bentway, forage plants for inclusion in the community gardens, and become a part of the Vertical Intersections community by “adopting” a plant and crafting a personalized plant pocket.

This is an ongoing opportunity to water the garden plants, share gardening resources, meet neighbours and make new friends, all while enjoying herbal teas and nature inspired music.

*Vertical Intersections is part of The Bentway’s 2019 Community Incubation Program

IDITA is a design studio run by Diana Guzmán Valencia a multidisciplinary designer and creative.

Guzman has been always interested in creating urban spaces that encourages, interaction, sensitization, integration, culture, education and nature conservation.

Guzman runs her own design studio IDITA offering services within her field of studies, among them: industrial, architectural, urban, UX and graphic design. This wide design knowledge allows her to have a holistic approach in order to provide sustainable and integral solutions.

Vertical Intersections will allow her to put in practice her skills set and passion as well as connecting her with the community and the land, the same as the project’s purpose to people!

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