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Events » Veteran Friendly Ontario Challenge

Veteran Friendly Ontario Challenge

Your challenge is to explore the great hidden talents that Veterans can bring to your organization.

Do you dare accept the challenge?

Getting access to the hidden talent market has become a business imperative. At the same time, according to the 2021 Census, almost 150,000 Veterans are in the core working-age group (25 to 54 years) while each year approximately 8,500 Canadian Armed Forces members transition from the military. Veterans are an untapped pool of highly skilled candidates available to fill key roles.

True Patriot Love and Challenge Factory have partnered to launch the Veteran Friendly Ontario (VFO) Challenge – an experiential training program designed to accelerate and enrich small-medium sized business recruitment, onboarding, and hiring of Veterans.

This free program will develop Veterans’ civilian career-ready skills and provide content and tools to help Veterans gain situational awareness of small business needs and challenges. In parallel, it will facilitate further opportunities for small- to medium-sized business owners and hiring managers to experience first-hand the value of Veteran talent, skills, and problem-solving, while increasing business owner competence in talent attraction, retention, and career management. This is all done with the goal of increasing income resiliency for both groups and, possibly, creating employment opportunities. 

By taking part in this program, you will:

·       Gain new hiring and retention strategies and tools.

·       Learn about Veterans as an untapped hidden talent pool.

·       Gain a new perspective on their role as a leader.

·       Expose hiring managers to the value of Veteran talent.

Similarly, Veterans will:

·       Deepen their understanding of the civilian workplace. Learn how small to medium-sized businesses operate.

·       Participate in a business challenge with a business owner, designed to demonstrate unique military skills and experience.

·       Engage with a research-backed psychometric assessment that supports the identity shift that transitioning members often face.

·       Experience the life of a business owner and understand their rewards and challenges.

The only commitments are time, willingness to connect with Veterans, and a desire to learn. 

The program will take place over three 90-minute virtual session on Thursday mornings starting in late September. To learn more and to register or nominate participants in this Challenge please visit: