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Events » Wannabe Toxic Free: Awareness, Agency, and Collective Action

Wannabe Toxic Free: Awareness, Agency, and Collective Action

WTF? I #WannabeToxicFree! Join a Free Campaign Fair: Awareness, Agency, and Collective Action hosted by Trinity College Integrated Sustainability Initiative, School of Environment, and the Women’s Healthy Environments Network.

WHEN is a non-profit promoting awareness of the environment as a key determinant of public health. Their 2024 WTF campaign at Seeley Hall will involve youth-led art, music, embodied practices, university faculty & community panelists, information networking booths, and prizes (e.g., yoga passes, natural personal care products). Panelists will discuss embodied and scientific awareness of toxic harms, social inequalities, and necessary political change. 

The first panel is a powerful group of academics and activists, including our very own Kanisha Acharya Patel. The second notably includes Sat Dharam, who you may know from the Compassionate Inquiry program with Gabor Mate. 

You can register for session 1, 2 or both.

Link to Register: