We can Rebuild. Better than Ever


Mar 26, 2020


We don't know, yet.
We don't know how long this will take.
We don't know what the end of this will look like.
We don't know what it means for our lives.
We don't know what it means for our business.
We don't know what will be different.
We don't know what will be the same.

Together we will find the answers and help each other navigate into the new normal.

This weekly get together is an ongoing exploration of what is happening in our world and what it means for us.

Fact-based, optimistic, deterministic, together

We know we will get through this and we want to be ready for the new normal. This is not a time to sit back and relax. This is a huge opportunity to remake our lives and our businesses to be better than ever.

We're meeting every Thursday at noon EDT (GMT-4) https://zoom.us/meeting/428631378

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