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Events » Winter’s Paradox

Winter’s Paradox

Embrace winter? 

Endure it? 

Not a question anyone asks of spring, summer or autumn.

Those in colder climates may appreciate the luxury of longer evenings, the magic of freshly fallen snow, or the exhilaration of a toboggan run. But no matter where you are, winter’s diminished light, cooler temperatures and slower pace can feel unsettling.

As Earth’s climate changes, more disturbing thoughts arise. Those of us used to biting cold maybe tempted to welcome unseasonably warm temperatures; but can we, should we enjoy them knowing what they portend? Harsh, unexpected storms in regions used to milder winters remind all of us that winter is a season that requires preparation, regardless of where we live.

To endure or embrace this season requires an inward look as much as an outward one. Some of the questions we’ll ponder:

What does winter mean for me?

How do I hold the beauty and the hardship winter brings?

What if we were to lose winter?

We’ll follow simple gentle guidelines to create a welcoming, caring and trustworthy space for participants to explore what winter as season and metaphor offers us.   We’ll work with the online setting in a balanced and purposeful way. Zoom will offer a gathering space for our interactions with each other as well as a platform to share images, music, poetry and story. We’ll take time off-screen for reflection and observation, movement and rest. 

This four-session online retreat will meet for two hours, every other week:

January 11, January 25, February 8 & February 22.


Register here.

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