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Events » Wonder: an online Circle of Trust

Wonder: an online Circle of Trust


It’s a way to come to life that reveals possibilities.

It opens us to beauty and wisdom in everyday objects and encounters.

It helps us find fresh perspective and understanding in troubling situations.

It can renew the spirit.

During this retreat we’ll ponder:

How can we access and sustain wonder in our lives?

What can wonder give us?

We’ll pause for meditation and engage with short texts for inspiration. We’ll take time off-screen for quiet, individual reflection. We’ll join a partner to listen to our own and each other’s wisdom. Courage & Renewal Touchstones® will provide guidelines to support a welcoming, protected and confidential space.

We invite you to join us for 75 minutes to slow down and hear the wisdom that emerges from your own heart. Check your local time here.

Pay What You Can

“The beginning of wisdom is the same as its attainment: wonder.”

~ Richard Wagamese, Embers: One Ojibway’s Meditations.

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