What kind of packages do you offer?

We’ve created a portfolio of products, which we hope will fit your needs! Check them out here, along with the benefits that each package provides.

What happens if I can’t afford a package?

No problem, let’s get to yes. Check out our Desk Exchange Community Animator Program, to trade your time for space! Our annual intake periods each year are August and January.

I want to join the community and leverage your services, but I don’t need space. What are my options?

We got you. Check out our Community Membership option.

Do I have to apply to become a member of CSI?

You sure do. We believe that the foundation to a strong community is shared values and so curate our community to ensure everyone here has a social mission. Apply here.

Can I get my mail delivered to CSI?

If you have purchased a Hot Desk, Private Desk, Cluster or Office package with us – yes! Our team will sort it once it arrives and put it in your fancy CSI mailbox.

Can I rent a mailbox only?

Unfortunately, you cannot. The lowest package you need to get for a mailbox is a Hot Desk 20.

Can I have space at more than one location?

Yes, you sure can! There is a one-time $100 setup fee to get keys to a second location which you can organize with our leasing team (leasing@socialinnovation.ca)

What happens if I’m done my Hot Desk hours? Can I work in the lounge?

The lounge is for coffee, informal meetings, and general serendipity. If you like working in the lounge, count it towards your Hot Desk hours. If you’re socializing, don’t. The lounge is for your enjoyment. But it ain’t free workspace.

Is there storage available for Hot Desk members?

CSI Spadina and Annex have a small handful of lockers available on a first come, first served basis.

Do you have a minimum lease commitment?

Every package comes with a minimum 6 month commitment. After the 6 months, your leases goes month-to-month. Leases do not terminate automatically. You must provide, in writing, 30 days notice for Hot Desks and Community Membership and 60 days for Private Desks, Clusters and Offices.

Can I share my Hot Desk membership with a co-worker?

Hot Desk packages and all benefits associated with them cannot be shared. If an organization requires a second Hot Desk package, we’re happy to provide a 20% discount for each extra package (maximum 2 additional packages) assuming they are of the same or lesser value.

Can I share my Private Desk with a co-worker?

Private Desks can be shared between 2 people in the same organization although we ask that only one person works there at a time. If sharing the private desk with someone from a different organization, please see below.

Can I share a Private Desk, Cluster or Office with a different organization?

Private desks, Clusters or Offices can be shared with a different organization provided they are approved as CSI members via the application process and pay the standard monthly shared amenities fee ($65/month for Private Desk and $130/month for Offices and Clusters) and set up fee ($100). The quickest/easiest approach for setting this up is to have only one of the organizations liaises with CSI Leasing and be responsible for rent payments. CSI will separately administer both organizations for things like shared amenities costs, fobs, set-up, photocopy, phone, meeting-room overages, etc.

How much notice do you require if I want to change my package?

If you are changing between Hot Desk packages, we require 5 days notice. If you are changing from an office, cluster or private desk to a Hot Desk or Community Membership, we require 60 days notice from the start of a month.
If changing from a Hot Desk to Community Membership, we require 30 days notice from the start of a month.

What are all the costs for the packages?

There are no additional costs for Community Membership. For all space packages, there are 2 additional costs to take note of when joining us:(1) There is a $100 one-time set-up fee for all packages. (2) A security deposit equivalent to one month’s rent to cover outstanding debts (i.e. photocopying, phone, etc.) when you leave. Once your bills are paid, we’ll send you the balance within 45 days after your last day. Please note this deposit is not considered your last month’s rent.

Can I put my membership on hold?

You cannot put your members on hold but if there are extenuating circumstances, we’ll work with people on a case by case basis to arrive at something that works within your needs.

I have other questions about my lease. Who do I talk to?

Please contact leasing@socialinnovation.ca. They’re the best.

Where can I learn about CSI’s acceleration services?

You can learn all about our acceleration services here or email our Manager of Impact & Accelerators Barnabe Geis directly at barnabe@socialinnovation.ca.


Do you offer tours?

You bet. We regularly hold Information Sessions, during which you’ll get a tour of the space and meet a member of our team who can give you everything you need to make a decision

I don’t want a CSI membership but am curious to check it out. Can I?

You may! You can either come to one of our info sessions tours or you can simply visit one of our four Toronto spaces to check them out. You can ask anyone at the Welcome Desk any questions you may have and – availability permitting – they can even take you on a 15 min informal tour of the space!

Do you have any literature online about how you do what you do?

Good news! We’ve written and open sourced a handful of books about our approach to building shared spaces. You can access all these books here.


How do I find out and connect with people who work at CSI?

You can check out this page to see all the people who work at CSI.

I am conducting research and wondering, can you put me in touch with your members?

We get these requests so often and honestly, it’s a bit hard because we want to help but we also don’t want to keep distracting our members with various requests of their time. But check out the below section (Consulting and Research) to see if it might connect you to the right resource!


I've read the publications and I'm hungry for more!

If you have further interest in Consulting Services with CSI, you may get in touch with consulting@socialinnovation.ca. There is a fee applied to consultations, which can be determined once further details of the consultation have been discussed.

I have a similar model already in place and want to talk about collaborating.

Cool. Send us an email at consulting@socialinnovation.ca and we’ll find the best person to connect you with from there.

I’m doing some research on CSI and/or its membership, can I send out a survey?

We handle these on a case by case basis as we get a lot of requests and are sensitive about not overburdening our community with requests. Where we make exceptions is when your research has value to the community and can be shared with future requests for research. If that fits the bill for you, please email info@socialinnovation.ca and if you want to see past research done about CSI and its members, see here.


How do I find out what’s happening at CSI including events, job opportunities and what CSI members are up to?

We have a biweekly newsletter that includes news, events, buzz and job listings. You should totally sign up for it!

But I’m all about Social Media too - where do I find you?

Find us on Facebook or on Twitter.

Can I share something on your website, newsletter, member listserv and social media?

With regards to specifically promoting to the CSI Community, this is a benefit that we reserve for members of CSI who are paying for such services. Also, we don’t sell ad space on our website. Of course, we would love for you to join us and you can learn more about becoming a member! But in some cases, we are happy to make an exception if we think it’ll be really valuable for the community, so please email kyle@socialinnovation.ca.


I want to work for CSI!

Keep an eye on the job postings page of our website.

Are there other people hiring at CSI?

Yes, always. Keep an eye on the job postings page of our website.


One last thing...

If you haven’t found the answer you are looking for, you can contact us at info@socialinnovation.ca.