From acceleration services for members, to thought leadership, to open sourcing our time-tested ideas and models, we’re all about supporting, growing and amplifying impact.

Getting to Impact

Join a community

The CSI Community is home to 1,000 nonprofits, charities and social ventures in Toronto alone, employs over 2,500 people, and generates combined annual revenues of $250 million. We support our members with the spaces, knowledge, tools, resources and connections they need to grow their impact.

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Social Innovation Verticals

From climate change to community health to media, we are applying our methodology and experience to key verticals we are positioned to impact. These verticals, or themes, will benefit from additional resources, expertise, programs and services designed to uncover solutions and support their growth.

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Incubated Projects

CSI has taken an active role in incubating certain projects like ONN. Some of these projects have fizzled out while others have spun out of CSI to form their own organizations. We’re proud of our support of previously incubated projects including: the Enterprising Nonprofits Program, Green Enterprise Toronto, STEPS, FPYN, and others.

How We Help

We create incredible workspaces, and animate a community of changemakers. We curate for diversity and inclusivity, and foster the right environment for social innovations to flourish. We provide our members with the spaces, connections and resources they need to work, connect, create and transform. We’re your Swiss Army Knife for social change.


We’re always encountering, exploring and generating new ideas, innovations and models that can help us tackle social and environmental challenges. We share our learnings so other organizations and communities can borrow and adapt what we’ve done.

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Community Bonds
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Constellation Model of Governance
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Shared Spaces for Social Innovation



Emergence cover

Starting back when the Centre was just a glimmer in the eyes of a few social entrepreneurs, Emergence follows our growth from concept to operation to scale.

Rigour cover

This book is a manual for those planning or operating a shared space. It reveals the accumulated knowledge of six years of experience and offers a ton of tips, lessons and tools for developing a strong organization and vibrant community.

Proof cover

This report shares our most recent research on the impact of the Centre for Social Innovation in order to demonstrate just what shared spaces for social innovation can accomplish.

Community Bond cover
Community Bonds

Turn your supporters into investors. The Centre for Social Innovation turned its community of supporters into investors with the Community Bond. This DIY guidebook can help you do it! Check out the Community Bonds website to read an excerpt from the book, purchase the guide and templates, find out about other community investment opportunities, and much more.